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[fic] when the sun comes looking.

Title: When the Sun Comes Looking.
Author: sekichu
Character/Pairing: Eleven/Rose, Hints of TenToo/Rose if you squint.
Rating: PG-16.
Disclaimer: Doctor Who is not my playground, but it is a wonderful sandbox to play in.
Summary: He clings to his inaction and its potential of unexplored opportunities like a man with cabin fever clinging to a shaft of sunlight sneaking through the crack between a window and its ledge. Somehow that crack is preferable to opening and closing a door, that trickle of perpetual possibility far better and worse for his hearts. It is a dangerous illusion, hope, and he hurtles towards it even as he flees.

Author's Notes: Written for Challenge 007 at then_theres_us. You may, if you wish, read this as part of the same 'verse as you had me at goodbye.

( He would like hers to be the last face he sees, just in case. )
are you there rose

[fic] you had me at goodbye.

Title: You Had Me At Goodbye.
Character/Pairing: Eleven/Rose, Hints of Amy/Rory if you squint.
Rating: PG.
Words: 1,323.
Summary: A human life was never in the stars for her.  After one hundred and ten years, she wonders if this is how he feels: ageless and aged, trapped in a skin as deceptive as her hopes.  But one day, in the middle of spring, she gets a letter.
Disclaimer: If only! Alas, it was not to be, or Rose/Doctor would have been forever.

Author's Notes:   Written for Challenge 006 at
then_theres_us.  It has been a very, very long time for me, so excuse how rusty I am!  Somewhat AU, set immediately prior Season 8.  Kind of like a fix?  Maybe?  Like I said, it's been a while, so I guess this is the same thing as a debut in the fandom since I've been gone so long I suspect no one has a clue who I am (hint: that loony girl with all the Eleven/Rose feels).

( There is a cave in the woods and though she has never gone in, she knows there is a pair of very old, very blue doors waiting for her. A siren's song she resists on a daily, hourly, minutely basis, whispering no, whispering home. Doors that go nowhere and doors that go everywhere. )

fic: a cross of paper swords

Title:  A Cross of Paper Swords
Character/Pairing:  Eight/Rose, Eleven/Rose. 
Rating:  G.
Disclaimer:  Doctor Who is not my playground, but it is a wonderful sandbox to play in.
Summary:  She is a witch, but he, he is a liar.
Author's Notes:  Written for the lovely [info]the_idiotgirl over at the brilliant ficathon at then_theres_us.  This is the first time I have written Eight, so please forgive me for butchering him.  ; A ;

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[fic] never forever

Title:  Never Forever
Notes: Post-Hogwarts graduation by about five years.  Original characters belong to Joanna and I; thank you for bearing with me all these long years.  It's been hard on us both, but I will never regret a single tear I shed or a moment spent in pain with you - you are always worth my very best and more.
Summary: No one knows quite how it ended up this way, the two of them.  No one knows quite how they never were, when they were always an almost-forever.

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Darlings, as I am certain many of you know, Japan is currently suffering greatly from their losses and the tragic disaster that took on their nation by storm. As such, lj, being the wonderful, kind community it is, has come together in the form of help_japan.

I am offering fic over at the auctions here.

If you cannot bid on one of the many gorgeous offerings, please consider offering your support; you can offer your own fic, song, art, or graphics. You can spread word and repost or reblog to your own journals.

Personally I am thrilled that this community has given me the opportunity to offer what I can and it gives me an immense joy to know that we can rally together in such an amazing way.


[fic] I've Been Running

Title:  I've Been Running
Character/Pairing:  Eleven/Rose, hints of TenII/Rose and Amy/Rory. 
Rating:  G.
Disclaimer:  Doctor Who is not my playground, but it is a wonderful sandbox to play in.
Summary:  She was a story ended, a chapter closed. Perhaps her legends continued without him and he feverishly hoped they did, even if he would never hear them.
Author's Notes:  Really rough and thrown together in between crazy stressful study sessions (in vain too, because I never seem to grasp the material!) and the great battles against me nemesis, The Analysis Midterm.  Also, I remembered a prompt that I think professor_spork posted sometime, somewhere, about a Rose that didn't want to be touched and arhgahhanannhgn, I don't know.  This fic was kind of weirddd, so read at your own risk, darlings.

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[fic] of these vows unwritten 01/06

Title:  Of These Vows Unwritten
Notes:  Original characters belong to Joanna and I; meant to be a series of snippets and oneshots featuring various aspects of love in honor of Valentine's Day (as this is a V-Day gift for Joanna), be they heartbreak, resolution, first kisses or confession.  The hard moments or soft glances, slow lovemaking or dark intimacy, all those little things that love is composed of.
Summary: Sooyun & Kihyun --- we were too late.

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omg qtpies.

Darling f-list, I started watching Glee again.  I say again because I had taken a look at it earlier on, but then it completely fell to the wayside since more important things took over the prime real estate that is my mental capacity for thought. 



Sam Evans and Quinn Fabray are so adorable they could probably rule the entirety of Candyland in the blink of an eye.  (And yes, Candyland is real.)

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11/rose hope

[fic] for us, time is relative

Title:  For Us, Time is Relative
Character/Pairing:  Eleven/Rose, Amy/Rory. 
Rating:  R.
Disclaimer:  Doctor Who is not my playground, but it is a wonderful sandbox to play in.
Summary:  Oh, he is a thief, the Doctor is.  A thief of the worst kind, but she is the one that he has always wanted to keep.
Author's Notes:  I wanted to try angsty smut, but I am sorry to say that I failed.  Read on at your own discretion my dears.  Prompt picture stolen from past challenge 60 over at then_theres_us .

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